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16th international research training seminar in child & adolescent psychiatry

16th International Training Research Seminar in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

16th International Research Training Seminar


Child & Adolescent Psychiatry: A Research Training Course


Junior Investigators in Child Psychiatry and Psychiatry


6-11 September

Rome, Italy


            Foundation Child is pleased to announce the 16th Training Course in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for young researchers in child and adolescent psychiatry and psychiatry.

The aim of the course is to provide a high-quality intensive training experience on relevant elements of clinical science (e.g., diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of the most important childhood psychiatric disorders) and research (e.g., designing a research project, research methods, principles of statistics, writing and presenting scientific work). In addition, the course provides individual and small group tutorials, as well as networking and other valuable educational activities that will enhance the education of junior investigators.


The five-day seminar will include lectures and interactive sessions conducted by an international panel of highly qualified faculty with recognized expertise in their respective fields. The seminar will take place in a peaceful and stimulating environment chosen to facilitate this unique training experience.


Download the brochure of the Training Seminar here:  Brochure_TRS_2020.pdf

Information about the Training Research Seminar:


  • Five-full days of intensive training on topics related to research in child and adolescent psychiatry.  Trainees are required to attend all scheduled activities;
  • The training is designed for junior researchers in child and adolescent psychiatry who have a demonstrated interest in studying developmental psychopathology.


Eligible Candidates must:

  • Be a physician or a researcher with training in a relevant medical specialty;
  • Have a strong commitment to research in child and adolescent psychiatry &/or developmental psychopathology;
  • Demonstrated productivity in child and adolescent psychiatry research;
  • Active, demonstrable participation in a research project and/or relevant scientific publications.



  • Trainees are responsible only for their travel costs to and from the seminar site in Rome.
  • Fondazione Child will pay for application fees, tuition, meals, and lodging.



  1. A maximum of 40 young researchers or specialists
  2. Under the age 40
  3. No more than 5 years since completing training;
  4. Nominated by an Academic Professor of Psychiatry and/or Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at an identifiable center for psychiatric research and training;
  5. Demonstrated commitment to develop competence in areas or child and adolescent psychiatry research:
    1. Work including, but not limited to: clinical research (diagnosis, treatment and prevention of child psychiatric disorders), applied/translational research, basic etiologic studies, epidemiology and public health, etc.
    2. 2.      At least one of the following:
      1. At least one publication (as author or co-author) on a peer reviewed and/or indexed on PubMed;
      2. At least one poster or other presentation during a Psychiatry or Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Congress (National or International);
      3. Presently or recently involved, in a relevant research project in child and adolescent psychiatry or developmental psychopathology, including a post-graduate degree program.
      4. Commitment to attend the entire 5-day seminar.


Application deadline: applications must be submitted by no later than 1 June 2020.


The Application form can be downloaded at the following link: Application_form_16th_Training_Seminar.docx 

and must be sent to trainingseminar@fondazionechild.it


In order to apply, candidates will be required to:


  • Fill out the Application Form, including a brief description of a research proposal they intend to discuss during the training seminar.



For more information, do not hesitate to contact us on trainingseminar@fondazionechild.it