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Background Information

The Foundation Child for Study and Research into Childhood and Adolescence was set up in 1998 by the association “S.O.S. Il Telefono Azzurro – National Helpline for the Prevention of Child Abuse”. 
The Foundation Child’s main objective is to promote a child-centered culture through a close examination of the causes and treatments of physical and mental diseases, as well as of behavioral and mood difficulties in children and adolescents.



Today, the spread of mental health disorders in children and adolescents is becoming a vast and urgent problem. In particular, experts are detecting an increasing number of disorders concerning social, emotional and cognitive development, as well as other specific symptoms such as anxiety, behavioral and intellectual difficulties, and problem of adaptation.
The current knowledge of these mental disorders highlights the action of complex interactions between biological and environmental factors in specific timeframe, with a range that starts from the birth and includes every developmental phase. Children are indeed exposed to biological risks that are either congenital or acquired; in addition, children are also subjected to environmental adversities.
Research methodologies currently used in biology, psychology, and behavioral science provide the initial criteria to study mental development in children, as well as causes, courses, and therapies for mental and organic disorders.


Complete information regarding the Foundation Child's activities and future perspectives is available here: Foundation Child - CV.pdf