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According to the Child Mind Institute, it takes on average two years to contact a mental health professional from the time emotional, and behavioral learning syntomps are first noticed.

The Child Mind Institute's Speak Up for Kids is an annual public education program, which was created in 2010 to encourage child mental health professionals across the country to give scientifically sound talks in their communities about childhood mental disorders and topics relating to raising healthy, happy kids. It has grown into a broad campaign to end the stigma, lack of awareness, and misinformation that cause so many children to miss out on treatments that can change their lives. It is time to talk about the mental health of our children. 

On May 2013, the Child Mind Institute will launch the third annual Speak Up Campaign in order to tackle important issues and persistent controversies that interfere with kids welbeing.
The Foundation Child is proud to collaborate with the Child Mind Institute by spreading the word throughout its network and by launching such a communication campaign in Italy.

Speak Up for Kids 2013 will have the following characteristics:

  • It will last the whole month of May 2013;
  • A Web Channel focused on the Speak Up for Kids will be crreated, with live marquee events throughout the month, plus video and a parent's guide to mental health professionals;
  • Contents from the world's leading expert in child and adolescent mental health will be showed 24/7.

Key Highlights of the 2012 edition released by the Child Mind Institute:

  • 55,000 + people signed up to Speak Up worldwide;
  • 600 + events in 20 diffferent countries;
  • 900 + Live facebook Event Viewers;
  • 306 million + Media Reach