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master program in evaluation and intervention in situations of child abuse and pedophilia

Master Program - University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Master Program in “Evaluation and Intervention in Situations of Child Abuse and Pedophilia”


The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, in association with the Foundation Child and SOS Telefono Azzurro, is about to start the 6th edition of the Master in “Evaluation and Intervention in Situations of Child Abuse and Pedophilia”

The main goal of the Master Program is to convey an intense training on children and adolescent distress with particular focus on child abuse and mistreatment, including the analysis of integrated actions of the diverse professionals on the territory.

In particular, this Master program intends to address serious problems such as the consequences caused by abuse on child and adolescent, the complex personality of perpetrators, the high recidivism rate related to sexual violence. The final aim is to enhance the existent professional figures committed to defend children and adolescents as well as to shape new experts in this sector.

This Master program will last one year.

Each participant will become familiar with theoretical and methodological instruments to operate in situations at high risk or in cases of abuse.

This Master program will focus on:

  • Preventive interventions in situation at high risk;
  • Work in the psycho-forensic sector;
  • Ability to cooperate with other experts operating on child and adolescent protection such as psychiatrists, psychologies, social workers, lawyers, police men etc..
  • Interactive laboratories as a means to favor fast learning and knowledge of new social media on the Internet.

Istructions to apply and Complete information on the Master program are available here: leaflet_master_2013.pdf

or on the Webpage of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia:  http://www.unimore.it/didattica/master.html

For information regarding this Master program please write to Dr. Barbara Forresi at the following email address: