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Rome Group

Between the 16th and 19th of July, 2003, a group of world professional leaders in the area of child trauma from North America, Australia, Europe and Asia, gathered in Rome to present their clinical findings and research advances as well as to seek out a way to integrate these with the current state of knowledge in this area. The meeting of this established “Rome Group” was organized under the auspices of Foundation Child (Italy) and the International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions

(IACAPAP). As a result of their deliberations, the experts signed the Declaration of Rome, asking Governments worldwide for an increased investment in prevention, treatment and research in the area of caring for children affected by trauma. The mission of the Rome Group is to promote a major understanding of the severe consequences of childhood exposure to trauma, as well as to develop effective interventions that focus on the needs of the individual, the family, and the community and to raise standards of care throughout the world. As a result, leaders in the field of child trauma are being sought out constantly and are joining this important group. The Rome Group met a second time on the occasion of the 16th Congress of the International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions, which took place in Berlin in 2004. During the 13th International Congress of the European Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry they presented advances in trauma research with children and new intervention models both in the form of symposia and as a training course.