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the psycho-social wellbeing in the aftermath of the earthquake in emilia

The Psycho-Social Wellbeing in the aftermath of the Earthquake in Emilia

“The Psycho-Social Wellbeing in the aftermath of the Earthquake in Emilia: from research to intervention “

Modena, October 1st, 2012

9am-1pm /2.30pm-6pm
Aula Magna del Centro Servizi Didattici
Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
Via del Pozzo 71, Modena

An earthquake, a flood, an air crash are dramatic, sudden, and devastating events. The tragic event that has recently hit Emilia is a clear example of these kind of event, which may cause the destruction of buildings and institutions, the disruption of affective feelings as well as of individual systems of reference.

As a result, a timely and effective intervention is the key to impeding that these traumatic events can provoke psychopathological consequences on individual’s and community’s life. By the same token, an targeted intervention should facilitate the psychological support that the population needs in case of traumatic events.

Given the relevance of this subject the Child Foundation, in collaboration with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, organizes a Conference on the effectiveness of interventions in traumatic situations that hit communities. This Conference will gather experiences and reflections provoked by the Earthquake that hit Emilia since its beginning on May 20th, 2012. Institutional authorities and specialists who belong to no-profit associations will be present at this Conference, as well as other experts at the national and international level.

The goal of this Conference is to understand which typologies of intervention are effective in case of traumatic events strike entire communities. This goal can be reached by debating latest discoveries that the scientific community has pointed out so far.

Prof. Alexander McFarlane - Director of the Centre for Traumatic Stress Studies and Psychiatry Professor at the University of Adelaide (Australia) – will intervene at this Conference together with the most preeminent Italian experts on the subject of Trauma.


The brochure of this event is available hereProgramma Convegno (eng).doc

You can download Prof. McFarlane's intervention here: The Role Consultation Liaison Services when Disaster Strikes.ppt